Sunday, August 13, 2017

Design for Real Learning - Digging a Hole

For our integrated Novel Study we are looking at the book 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. To get into the mind of 'Stanley', the main character, and to see why the author was describing the way he was we decided to dig a hole.

This was going deeper into the mind and feelings about the idea of why digging a hole and how this has changed Stanley over the course of the book. My hope is that when we write about it going forward the learners would have a deeper context to connect ideas to.

When looking at designing a Real Learning Experience you need to think about "Why". Why are we doing this? It's not the experience that brings out the learning, but what the experience is going to do for the learning. Our "why" was to understand the change in the main character and analyse the authors purpose. Getting to experience what the character experience helps give more understanding to what the character is going through.

Things to remember:
- why are you doing the experience?
- what learning having you done before?
- how are you going to go deeper after?


  1. I like your reflection regarding the way we look at sharing

  2. Kyle, that presentation at the Hui was awesome, great use of tech and student voice throughout. Would love to apply the Learn Create Share ethos in my own practice using your model. Great stuff.

  3. HI Kyle. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I am always keen to try new writing ideas. I'd like to know how did you teach them to record their emotions in writing? Manor Ramkolowan GIS

  4. Hi Kyle

    Great ideas. I'll be giving this a go in my class.

    Greg Wong