Monday, July 24, 2017

Term 3 - challenge and barrier

What is going on
Term 3 has started and I have hit a barrier with my inquiry. I was going to adapt my focus from motivating high achieving boys who are reluctant writers, as I have made great shift with this and my target learners have become more motivated and they are making great shift, to using the success I have had and branching it out to focusing on the low achieving boys.

The Barrier/Challenge
The way my hub has divided the writers for the majority of the year is to have our reading group and writing group the same. This is so we can integrate our literacy. As a hub this is the best way for us going forward. Being in a collaborative learning space we have to be flexible and make sure that we are doing what is best for the learners and the hub as a whole. This means my writing group is mainly year 6 and high achieving writers. This means that my focus to low achieving boys, which are mainly year 5, wont work.

Tweak my focus

Below are the latest eAsttle results for my new writing group.

Focus: How does using design for real learning experiences and the use of explicit visual success criteria and feedback impact on shift with writing achievement in year 6 boys and high achieving writers?

Next Steps
- Create and Design visual success criteria: This can be displays, rubrics, check lists, etc.
- Design DRL experiences in which learners will engage learners.
- Create purposeful ways for sharing of writing.


  1. Hi Kyle. An interesting look at your inquiry with the idea of real learning experiences. Is this something along the lines of Matt Goodwins writing work? Eating crickets, whack a mole, do something physical. I could see that interested, active kids would make interested active writers. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Dave, Thanks for the feedback. I have spoken with Matt and got some great ideas from him.