Thursday, July 20, 2017

Observation for Design for Real Learning - Ollie Baker

Part of my research and gathering data for my development with my inquiry I observed Ollie Baker, a Stonefields teacher. He has worked hard on his passion with Video Games and how to engage boys with writing using video games. He completed his Masters of Education on this topic.
Attached are the notes that I took from this observation.    

My Thoughts about applying it
In terms of using this lesson. I do not have the knowledge in video games to adapt this lesson, but the idea of bringing out what is happening in the video game to help get detail in the learners writing is something that can apply to other experiences not just video games. The motivation and engagement the learners had during this lesson was incredible.

How to use this lesson
WALHT - develop description in the students writing
- what experience can you do that will allow for doing, thinking, seeing and feeling (Sport game, weird experience)
- Do the experience first.
- Reflect on the experience
- Brainstorm vocab and ideas about the experience. Ollie used the term DTSF, doing, thinking, seeing and feeling, but this can be adapted depending on the experience.
- Workshops or whole class lesson on structure of a paragraph to get these ideas together.
- applying the understanding by writing.
- Share in an interesting way.

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