Monday, July 31, 2017

Engaging Writing Session - Moment in time

Design for Real learning

I wanted to engage the learners in their writing. Give them an interesting experience so that they can think more deeply about their writing. We were focusing on descriptive language, but I also wanted to build some resilience with the learners. Since I have high achieving writers they have always been very good at writing so they have experienced a lot of failure or finding this difficult. I wanted an activity that they will have to use resilience and determination to accomplish.


This is a mixture between tightrope walking and trampolining. There is no way anyone can succeed at this without resilience. You fall more than you succeed.

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  1. Kia ora Mr Hattie

    I also have boys that struggle with getting motivated for writing. From your blog I have identified that providing students with rich experiences and engaging topics to motivate their learning will help my boys who often struggle to come up with an idea.

    Nga Mihi

  2. Awesome ideas to get boys engaged in writing! Kent Somerville

  3. Hi Mr Hattie,
    I am loving looking through your blog at the different lessons you have created to engage your writers. I am doing a similar inquiry and focusing on trying to motivate reluctant male writers into enjoying writing. We have been doing lots of creative writing sessions but I love the idea of doing physical activities to inspire the students. Along with that your integration of reading and writing is fantastic and having the students dig holes is a great way of helping them connect with the characters!

    Thanks for the inspiration!