Thursday, June 1, 2017

Next steps for Inquiry

I have completed a motivation survey for Term 2, from this survey the learners have said that their motivation has improved from writing. This is a positive change to see. The big question was with the results for engaging topics and standard of writing within other subjects.

The graph above shows that there has been a change but this was the lowest score for engagement and motivation. This shows me that I am need to have more engaging topics for the learners.

The graph above shows the change in writing standard across other subjects. As you can see there has been a shift for most but not all. This has been one of least amount change. From this my next steps will be inquiring into how to get a bigger change in writing in other subject other than writing.

Next steps:
- discuss with people about previous inquiries around writing engagement. (Colleague and Manaiakalani Member)
- learner voice around what they would like to write about and how they feel they are progressing.

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