Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Stage 4 The Action based on the research

Based on the data in the previous post I will be back onto the action phase of my inquiry. 

I have used the book 'Students at the Center' by Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda, Chapter 6 Promoting Student Growth: Feedback. From this I have had a light bulb moment that Peer feedback is the next step. The learner's, once they have finished their writing are extremely reluctant to make changes or improvements to their writing. I think that part of this is lack of motivation is the learners thinking that they are finished. They seem to not know how they are successful with their writing. Having a clear explicit and visual understanding of what being successful in a task is then they will be able to help give feedback and make changes to understand. Having peer feedback and refining time for the learners to make these changes will improve their writing and give them the motivation to always look to improve their writing. 

Steps to take to make this work
1. Observe someone who does this well. 
2. Student voice around how the students value Feedback and how they know they are successful. 
3. Try out and experiment with feedback sessions.
4. Create visual success criteria that supports learners. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Next steps for Inquiry

I have completed a motivation survey for Term 2, from this survey the learners have said that their motivation has improved from writing. This is a positive change to see. The big question was with the results for engaging topics and standard of writing within other subjects.

The graph above shows that there has been a change but this was the lowest score for engagement and motivation. This shows me that I am need to have more engaging topics for the learners.

The graph above shows the change in writing standard across other subjects. As you can see there has been a shift for most but not all. This has been one of least amount change. From this my next steps will be inquiring into how to get a bigger change in writing in other subject other than writing.

Next steps:
- discuss with people about previous inquiries around writing engagement. (Colleague and Manaiakalani Member)
- learner voice around what they would like to write about and how they feel they are progressing.